Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New direction already?

It seems that the decision is to change direction in the way things are done in the wake of bad decisions made for the release of Book One. The following protocol has been observed:

Every 108 minutes, an alarm will.... oh, wait...

Donut Kitty Book Two will be released in comic format (not comic strip format, however, assuming it's done well, it may end up at Smackjeeves alongside McInTots)

This is to generate interest in the first book because people are more willing to digest a story online through a comic rather than reading text. Assuming enough people are interested in the Donut Kitty story from the comics, they will be more likely to go back and read the first book.

Also, subsequent Donut Kitty stories will be in this same comic format. Later on, the novel versions of Book Two and so forth will be released if/when enough people have interest.

This new direction will take place immediately as Book Two is in production currently and pages will be released soon. They will be done as chapters in as many pages as each chapter requires.

Anything new will, of course, be updated here, so keep posted.

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